"The Magic of Teaching:

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga»

12-13 AUGUST

Discover a new direction, strengthen your teaching skills, and thereby increase

number of students, income and benefits to the world.

What will happen at the intensive

  • 2 free days
  • Guides and practices
  • Valuable insights
  • Participation Certificate
Who needs this intensive
  • Practicing Kundalini Yoga and wishing to teach

    – At the intensive you will go from a practitioner to a teacher

    — Get a knowledge base about teaching Kundalini Yoga and understand the principles of practice

    — Get checklists and instructions to help you get started teaching, find your first students, teach effectively, and captivate people.

  • Teachers of other areas of yoga

    - Expand your toolbox and connect your practices with Kundalini Yoga.

    — Learn to combine the principles of kundalini with the elements of your practice.

  • For those who seek spiritual growth

    — Discover new layers of your personality and spirit through kundalini yoga.

    - Get a knowledge base about teaching Kundalini Yoga and learn how to apply the principles of Kundalini Yoga in life.

  • For those who seek physical and emotional well-being

    — Learn to use kundalini yoga to stabilize your condition and self-development.

    — You will be able to strengthen the body, psyche and spirit through the practice of yoga.

You will receive bonuses and collections of techniques that we will pass, as well as a starter kit for teaching kundalini yoga.

What is this intensive about?

  • How effective
    teach kundalini yoga and gather around him groups of admiring students. Dive into all aspects of a yoga trainer.
  • How through practice and meditation

    strengthen the physical body, harmonize energy levels and find peace and clarity in the soul.

  • How to realize

    the volume of physical, energy, mental and spiritual resources and use them to the fullest.

And most importantly - this intensive will allow you to create and increase joy, insight and harmony and get the basis of kundalini yoga for practice.


11:00 - 13:30
Physical body and activity
We will look at Kriyas, Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas, as well as learn about Kundalini yoga techniques that release endorphins and improve mood.
14:30 - 17:00
Energy body and pranayama
Let's dive into the world of pranayama (breathing exercises) and explore their impact on energy, feelings and emotions. We will learn how to use pranayama to increase dopamine levels and achieve harmony.
Mind and meditation
Consider the workings of the mind and its relationship with meditation, as well as the effect of serotonin on the state of mind. Let's master the simple meditative practices of Kundalini Yoga to stimulate serotonin and create harmony within ourselves.


11:00 - 13:30
True Self and revelation of Wisdom
We will learn about the work of the subconscious, the causal body and how to connect with your wisdom through Kundalini yoga and accept yourself and others. Understand the impact of oxytocin and its relationship with close relationships. We will practice mantras and meditations that help develop inner connection with ourselves and other people, God.
14:30 - 17:00
The abode of the soul and the achievement of Ananda
Let's open the spirit, the soul and the path to God. We will learn about anandamide - the "molecule of bliss" and ways to achieve the state of Ananda through the practice of Kundalini yoga. We will learn how to apply meditations and mantras that contribute to the expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth.

Let's combine all the exercises, techniques and knowledge gained during the seminar. Let's discuss how to integrate these practices and principles into your daily life for long-term well-being and joy.
Who teaches
    Har Nal Kaur
    • Kundalini Yoga teacher and Amrit Nam Sarovar School Coach
    • Universal Rays Healing, Amanae Techniques
    • Creator and organizer of many courses and programs held at the Satyavrati Yoga Ashram in Le Martin, where she lived for more than 8 years

    Oscar Carillo
    • Kundalini Yoga teacher and teacher trainer
    • Head of the first Kundalini Yoga Center in Frankfurt
    • Author of the programs "STAY AT PRESENCE" (be in the moment) and "TRUE SELF A YOGA JOURNEY" (True Self - yogic journey)
    Jay Gopal
    • Healer, Master of Kundalini and Hormone Therapeutic Yoga
    • Spiritual mentor, coach, trains yoga teachers and healers
    • Amrit Nam Sarovar School Training Program Creator
    • Author and lead trainer of the transformational program "Attunement with the Source"

    Denis Yanyutin

    • Kundalini yoga teacher
    • Amrit Nam Sarovar Teacher Training Team Trainer
    • Organizer of teacher training courses ANS in Ukraine
    • Project Manager Kundalini Journal
    • Yogic numerologist
    Maria Grigorieva
    • Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Mentor at Amrit Nam Sarovar School
    • Psychologist-consultant, crisis psychologist
    • Universal Rays Healing
    • Musician
    Paramjot Singh
    • healer, meditation specialist
    • businessman, psychologist, therapist and yogi
    • Co-Founder of Touch of Soul Holistic Center in Thailand
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Online participation
Online + Registration (1 month)
Activating the 5 Hormones of Happiness with Kundalini Yoga (KUNDALINI JOURNAL Wellbeing Guide), PDF
In this Guide, we will reveal the secrets behind inner joy, share the secrets of happiness and well-being that the practice of Kundalini Yoga can give, and reveal the understanding of the influence of hormones on our condition.
Using the simple but powerful practices of Kundalini Yoga, you can discover your inner resources, strengthen your spiritual support and gain a steady sense of happiness that will always be with you.
The bonuses we offer to members of the Magic of Teaching: An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga program include two additional programs - Adapting to Intense Change and Resource State through Kundalini Yoga. Here is a more detailed description of each of these programs:
+ This program is designed specifically for those who face intense life changes and are looking for ways to adapt to them. Over the course of five classes, participants will learn techniques and practices that will help them cope with emotional stress, strengthen their resilience to change, and develop flexibility of mind. They will learn to work with energy and emotions to overcome difficulties with ease and maintain inner balance.

+ This program is intended for participants who seek to improve their resource state and establish harmonious relationships with themselves and others. During five classes, participants will learn practices that will allow them to restore their energy, increase their level of consciousness and find a deep connection with their own being. They will learn to work with breath, meditation and mantras to achieve inner balance and well-being.
Both programs are a valuable set of knowledge and practices that complement the Magic of Teaching: An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga program. Participants will have access to a deep understanding of their inner state, as well as the development of practical tools to overcome challenges and increase their energy and resourcefulness.
By providing these bonus programs, we aim to provide participants with a full and deep immersion in the world of Kundalini Yoga, where they can not only learn the basics of teaching, but also receive valuable tools for personal development and overcoming life's challenges.
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