with Jai Gopal

June 20, 19:00, CET
Deep healing of self worth for people all over the world.
"People have a collective pattern: we constantly feel that we aren’t worth something. I’ll teach you how to open up to the feeling of self-worth. To understand that you are worthy means to step into a completely different life. It is not easy because it requires us to change those beliefs that are dragging us down.
Come to the class : its results worth your time!
I want to share with you this teaching that is the result of my spiritual journey. I will help you to change your perception of yourself and life so that you feel yourself worthy of living!

With love"

Jai Gopal.

Receive the healing help from a Master
You will receive a subtle knowledge of Tibetan Yoga and Healing on self-worth and get a new outlook on life.
Transform your beliefs about yourself and your life by deeply working with awareness and subconscious patterns.
Get a healing from Jai Gopal.
New insights will immediately manifest in your life thanks to special techniques of Kundalini Yoga and meditative trance.
If you have not followed your dreams or haven’t been aware of them, it's time to open up to what is absolutely yours.

You will both find inspiration and work on psychological issues.
If you are ready to know yourself better, you will deeply connect with your subconscious mind.
We will do a practice to release destructive human patterns from our cellular memory.
Opening your heart will heal and nourish you.
You will feel worthy and will fall in love with every moment of your life.

Give yourself a new quality of life
This class will address every aspect of your life because we will work on awareness.
The way we treat ourselves is manifesting in our life.
Look around you. If you’re not satisfied with what you have created for yourself, then it is time to nourish yourself, intensify the feeling of self-worth and create an inner foundation.
Receive Healing.
Jai Gopal will guide you to new insights. You will receive a deep healing. In the trance state, your beliefs will change. You will be able to get out of dead-end beliefs and open up to a new reality.
Allow yourself to receive what you deeply want.
Are you ready to say "Yes!" to your life ? Open your heart and say: “Yes, I’m taking responsibility for my life. I choose my self worth. I choose to live a fully-fledged life.”
Jai Gopal
Catherine Guillot
Jai Gopal is a Healer and Master of Universal Rays Healing.
She has studied with great yogis in Bhutan, Nepal and India.
She teaches Kundalini Yoga, Hormonal yoga and Spiritual Healing.
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