Join Jaapa practice (long chanting) of mantras and shabad
May 20, 21, 22
Online Retreat

Everything in our world is a vibration

Every object, event, occurrence and even planets vibrate at their own frequency. Our emotions, thoughts, reactions are also vibrations that create our current state and our reality. Everything that occurs in our life today is the result of our past thoughts, emotions, choices and actions. What you chose today will become your reality in the future

This retreat is for you, if:
You are searching for your path in life
You want to understand what you should do right now, which direction to take in life
You are a leader
You are tired of being a victim of circumstances and want to have a chance for victory, success, healing and total balance
You are an inventor
You want to hear your inner guidance to understand how to create harmonious relationships with others and the world around you.
Open your heart to your new reality

Mantras and shabads are sacred scriptures containing higher wisdom. Their high vibrations will tune you into the frequency of Absolute Truth. By joining the practice, you may see how chaotic situations and stories evolve into beautiful, harmonious, meaningful and inspiring melody of your life.

How does Jaapa work?
Long chanting of mantras and shabads is multidimensional alignment with the subtle vibrations of high frequency.
Alignment of the Mind
Your mind would be able to break away from habitual patterns of thoughts and reactions which make you hold on to the old
Alignment of Nervous System
Sound vibration will create new neuronal connections in your brain, forming new behavioral models.You will become more sensitive and perceptive
Alignment of Glandular System
Repetition of mantras and shabads stimulates the pituitary gland which directs the work of all other glands of the body. The practice will re-align the work of the endocrine system and change the chemical composition of blood. This change will be deeply imprinted into the structure of your physical body
Alignment of Aura and Subtle Energetic Bodies
During three-day practice every cell of your body and the outer and inner space will start vibrating at the frequency of your True Self

Choose to open up to your new you!

Create new reality free from limitations, pain and suffering!

Retreat Programme
Friday, May 20th 17:00 CET
Friday, May 20th 17:00 CET
Yogi Amandeep Singh
Mantra: Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

This mantra directs your mind to the Infinity and fills your presence in material reality with grace of God and bliss. This mantra saves you in times of adversity and danger.
Saturday, May 21st at 9:00 CET
Saturday, May 21st at 9:00 CET
Har Nal Kaur
Mantra: Wahe Guru

is a mantra of bliss and unification with the Divine, expressing the joy of transition from darkness into the light. This mantra balances energies of creation, support and transformation.
Saturday May 21nd at 16:00 CET
Saturday May 21nd at 16:00 CET
Denis Yanutin
Shabad Brahm Kavach

protection shabad, a shield of Brahma, the Creator of this world. Repetition of this shabad gives a practitioner wisdom, knowledge and spiritual power. It helps to go through challenges and obstacles with dignity, protects from any harm and influence of dark magic.
Sunday, May 22nd at 12:30 CET
Sunday, May 22nd at 12:30 CET
Paramjot Singh
Mantra: Har Har Ram Das Guru Hay

This mantra means that the essence of Guru Ram Das is the part of all creation at all times. The energy of Guru Ram Das carries healing, humility, kindness and hospitality.

Yogi Amandeep Singh
Master of Himalayan Kundalini Yoga tradition who deeply studied various yogic traditions in India. He is a mystic, a healer and a teacher of Eastern Spirituality as well as a specialist in philosophy and history of ancient yogic tradition.
Har Nal Kaur
Great Britain
Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, healer of Universal Rays Healing and Ananae technique. Creator and organizer of numerous courses and programmes offered at LaMartine Ashram of Satyavrati Yogi, where she has lived for 8 years.
Paramjot Singh
Healer, specialist in meditation, businessman, psychologist, therapist and yogi. Co-founder of holistic center Touch of Soul Holistics in Thailand.
Denis Yanutin
Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, trainer of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program at Amrit Nam Sarovar School, organizer of Teacher training courses in Ukraine, co-founder of online projects Kundalini Live and Kundalini Journal, yogic numerologist
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~90 minutes duration video-lessons - you may join the most popular spiritual programs to study any time from anywhere in the world

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