"I AM"
Workshop by Satyavrati Yogi
4 powerful Kundalini yoga meditations and a profound, insightful lecture on how you can bring balance and mindfulness into your life
"I AM" Workshop
Go beyond the negative or positive mind. See the reality from the point of Higher Self, and then with love and care, harmonize all areas of life as your soul desires
This workshop will be useful to:
Independent students of any level
Kundalini yoga teachers and body-oriented therapists
Those looking for powerful support and wanting to bring back balance and harmony to their lives
Those wanting to calm their mind, have more confidence in their intuition and perceive the world without prejudices
What is included
Lecture on the balance in life
Meditation to transform negative thoughts
Meditation to harmonize a positive mind
Meditation to connect with the Higher Self
“Inner Master” meditation
Workshop instructor — Satyavrati Yogi

Master of Kundalini and Tibetan Tantra yoga.
Develops self-awareness and self-transformation programs, and passes down transpersonal knowledge allowing his students to adapt to changes.
Founder and head of the Amrit Nam Sarovar International Kundalini Yoga School. Spiritual healer and mentor for over 1000 trainers and teachers worldwide.

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How the practices are taking place

The video lesson lasts 1 hour 45 minutes — watch it

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