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The Global Online Gathering for Peace

Balance the Five Elements

Regular meditations, yoga and healing can change your state of mind and consciousness.

Daily practice will empower you to accept current circumstances, overcome fears, doubts, get out of stress so that you may feel your integrity, value and freedom.

Yoga and meditation don't change circumstances in your life. What is given is given.

But in order to deal with it,

you need a strong nervous system and discipline.

Discipline helps to cope with what is happening and maintain your inner strength.

Follow the call of your soul

We offer powerful tools for restoring and harmonizing the psyche, body, energy and emotions.

Start practicing with us!

Kundalini yoga
Awakens and activates your life force, hidden potential and energy. Quick and effective way to work with consciousness and balance body, mind and soul. As a result of practice, you become conscious, healthy, happy and energetic.
Universal Rays Healing
One of the newest and most powerful methods of healing physical illnesses, difficult emotions or loss of meaning in life. It clears the mind of destructive beliefs, so you get a new quality of life - full of love and abundance, instead of pain, suffering and struggle.
Shakti Flow
A gentle yoga practice to strengthen the connection with the Earth and awaken creative energy. Enhances the sensitivity and feeling of self-love. You start feeling and accepting (to feel and accept) your body, emotions, thoughts and soul.
Himalayan yoga
Strengthens health and psyche, cleanses toxins, removes clamps, preserves youth, reveals hidden possibilities. Teaches to live in harmony with the Universe, be filled with goodness, experience bliss, share love with others.
Tantric numerology
Helps to assess life problems and find the most effective ways of solving them. Provides answers to simple everyday questions and questions related to your spiritual life, destiny and karma.
Sat Nam Rasayan
Meditative healing through the space of silence, Sunia. Illness appears when we react emotionally. If there is silence inside, everything is in balance. After the session, the patient feels as if he has meditated for hours (he feels relaxed and renewed).

The main forces in the material world are 5 elements:

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

By getting connection with nature, we reveal our strength.

What does the balance of the five elements mean for a human?

Human is the part of nature. We can awaken our authentic power by connecting with the 5 elements of nature. This is how we restore integrity and inner balance, reveal the hidden potential.

Earth element

gives sense of stability, secure, power of manifestation

Water element

gives flexibility, emotionality, sensuality, power to create

Fire element

gives energy, power of intention, power to achieve the goals

Air element

gives acceptance, wisdom, power to become free of limitations and attachments

Ether element

gives subtle perception, expansion in all spheres, power to connect with the infinite


balances the manifestation of the 5 elements in your life

Find peace, balance and inner strength with the support of experienced spiritual masters and healers from all over the world
Leading masters

Practice experience from 15 to 50 years

Satyavrati Yogi
Kundalini yoga. France
Аwareness of the five elements
Tomas Winsky
Sat Nam Rasayan. Poland
Tuning in the 5 elements
Jay Gopal Kaur
Universal Rays Healing. Switzerland
Connection to the 5 elements
Dharma Kaur
Tantric numerology. Spain
Comprehension of the 5 elements
Amarpal Singh
Kundalini yoga. Argentina
Earth element
Raghubir Kaur
Kundalini yoga. USA
Water element
Sat Darshan Lafontaine
Shakti Flow. Canaria Irelands
Flowing practice
Oscar Carrillo
Kundalini yoga. Germany
Fire element
Prem Jot
Kundalini yoga. France
Air element
Harmanjot Singh
Kundalini yoga. Germany
Ether element
Har Nal Kaur

Kundalini yoga. Great Britain

Crystallisation of the 5 elements
Paramjot Singh
Kundalini yoga. Thailand
Manifestation of the 5 elements
Yogi Amandeep
Himalayan yoga. Canada
Sacral balancing practice

In'Easa Mabu Ishtar

Universal Rays Healing. Australia
Integration into everyday life
Denis Yaniutin
Kundalini yoga. Ukraine
Balancing the 5 elements
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